Want to add some value to your home? Do these renovations

Not all renovations are equal and, whilst many will deliver on returns, some renovations can work against you. Everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint or a kitchen and bathroom remodel will add value to just about any house.

Whether the house renovations are for the house owner’s enjoyment or to improve the resale value of the house, it is always worth considering which improvements will add value to the house.

This way, homeowners can ensure that whatever improvements are undertaken are most likely to generate a good return on investment when time to sell the house comes.

  1. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades

Upgrading a kitchen or bathroom could add great value to your house, however, it can easily become expensive.

  1. Lighting

LED lighting can also have an impact on a house’s value because of its durability and low energy consumption – not to mention that it can be used as trendy décor to light up cabinets and recessed corners in the home.

  1. Air conditioning and heating

Installing air conditioning can be expensive. Those without the budget could add ceiling fans, which are an appealing addition to any house.Not only will they help keep a room cool, but they also add a nice decorative touch to the space which can make the home more appealing to future buyers.

Similarly, installing a wood-burning stove or fireplace to warm the home, can also increase the resale value of the house.

If you are curious to know more about which renovations add more value, you are always able to discover this by speaking to a local real estate agent.

And, when you later decide to sell, an experienced agent will make sure any renovation efforts don’t go to waste by helping homeowners sell for full value.

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