WFP partners Namibian online platform to improve marketing of food products

December 07, 2022

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Namibia has entered into an agreement with Tololi Online to implement and scale up joint efforts on e-commerce solutions for Rural Transformation, Human Capital Development and Sustainable Food Systems.

“Considering that sustainable farming methods and technologies are significant catalysts needed to intensify production for improved yields, the agreement between WFP and Tololi Online (Pty) Ltd will therefore establish a framework for collaboration and strengthen e-commerce solutions for smallholder farmers," said WFP Country Director George Fedha.

Founded on its core pillars of Rural Transformation, Sustainable Food Systems and Human Capital Development whilst merged to the national strategic objectives, the WFP has established over 30 integrated food system projects centred at schools, communities, correctional and health facilities across the country in partnership with regional governments.

“WFP further contracted private sector entities to upscale and manage different phases of production while imparting skills to local smallholder farmers.Through various service providers, the United Nations World Food Programme provides support to farmers in the regions aimed to increase production, access drought-tolerant and highly nutritious seeds, reduce post-harvest losses, access new markets, and increase their incomes.”

“Statistic has proven that a strong involvement of youth in rural transformation and development through agriculture can boost food security and improve livelihoods. It is for these reasons that WFP in Namibia continues to invest in food systems projects countrywide aimed to enhance self-sustainability and economic and social inclusion for youth and women.”

“WFP continues to support smallholder farmer’s adoption and practice of climate-smart agriculture to improve soil fertility and thereafter contribute to increased production. In Namibia, over 1,800 smallholder farmers are supported to diversify production away from maize and improve their dietary diversity through improved access to seed varieties for nutrient-dense crops, such as tomatoes and drought tolerant crops.”

WFP is mandated to strengthen evidence for food systems in Namibia by bringing together key food system actors to strengthen interconnections and support the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 2 of Zero Hunger.

Tololi on the other hand,  is an e-commerce platform tailored for the Namibian market which aspires to build the most convenient online shopping experience.

“It is for these reasons that WFP recognises the importance of working with Tololi Online (Pty) Ltd to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the marketing of food products, linking smallholder farmers to market access as an entry point to improve food security and socio-economic outcomes in Namibia.”

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