MTC CCO speaks on 2022 developments, 2023 outlook including fintech plans

The Brief (TB) caught up with MTC’s Chief Commercial Officer Melvin Angula (MA) to get some insights on developments in the company in 2022 and what to expect in 2023, including its planned foray into the fintech space. Below is an extract from the interview. 

TB: What have been some of the notable achievements by the company in 2022? 

MA: Whilst we achieved a third consecutive best brand award, we achieved a wide range of important milestones in 2022. These include the successful listing and operating as a first state company to operate on the NSX whilst complying with additional regulatory obligations from the NSX and exceeding the shareholder’s value in our 1st year of NSX introduction, that’s a greater milestone yielding impressive financial results, increase in revenue as well as an increase in customer base, all of which is reflected in our impressive results posted recently. 

TB: When it comes to product development and innovation, would you say MTC remains a key leader in the market and why? 

MA: Yes, MTC remains a key leader in the market for product development and innovation. We have a long history of developing innovative products and services that meet the needs of our customers. 

Our products are designed with the latest in tandem with innovations, research, and development, and we are often ahead of the competition in terms of features and performance and customer experience. 

In addition, MTC’s customer service team is always available to provide purchases and advice to ensure our customers are satisfied with their products and packages. Lastly, MTC's commitment to research and development has enabled us to remain at the forefront of the industry. 

TB: What are some of the notable products introduced that you would say have defined you as such? 

MA: Spectra (Fibre) offering for Residents and Business, Showmax Streaming Bundles,

eVoucher solution, MyMTC App with full payment capabilities, Verifi KYC system, and MTCTV. 

TB: There are talks of transforming the company and positioning it as being more than just a telecommunication company. What does that entail and why is it so important? 

MA: MTC is no exception to this business transformation. Since 2021, MTC has been transforming its business model from a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to a Digital Services and Solutions Provider (DSSP). This means MTC’s mindset is that of a Techno creating a digital platform upon which the Namibian digital economy will flourish.  

Transforming MTC from a traditional telecommunications company to a digital services provider is an important step in staying competitive and relevant in today's market. This transformation could involve offering new services such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, as well as expanding MTC’s current services to include mobile payments, internet of things, and machine-to-machine communications. This shift would also involve investing in technology such as 5G networks, artificial intelligence, and block-chain technologies. 

Doing so would enable MTC to provide customers with more personalized services and improved customer experience. Additionally, it would allow MTC to expand its market share through new and innovative services. 

TB: MTC is known to have a keen interest in the fintech space. Can we expect some developments on that front in the New Year? 

MA: Yes, we certainly can! Driven by the belief “to drive an inclusive Namibian digital economy” MTC subscribers deserve the benefits of modern connectivity. MTC is ramping up its efforts to enhance access to digital and financial services for its customers aimed at facilitating money and airtime transfers seamlessly from anywhere in the country. 

Therefore, MTC is looking to add new payment solutions for its customers, as well as explore opportunities to better leverage data and analytics to improve customer experience. We are also exploring other areas of fintech, such as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, to further enhance our product offerings and services. 

We look forward to seeing what 2023 brings for MTC and its fintech initiatives! Watch the Space! 

TB: When it comes to the telecommunication business of the company. What progress has been made to increase network coverage and data services around the country? 

MA: To begin with, MTC has invested heavily in expanding its LTE network and introducing new technologies such as LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) in preparation for 5G. This has enabled MTC to provide more reliable and faster data services to its customers both in rural and in our metro towns. 

MTC continued to make significant strides to improve network coverage and data services around the country through our 081Nation Project. These efforts by MTC have improved network coverage and data services around the country, offering discounts and special packages for data services, and providing free access to online education and government services. 

Additionally, MTC has deployed 1,000 base stations to improve its coverage in remote and hard-to-reach areas.    

TB: Does the company plan to continue with the fibre installations around the country, how much has been achieved and what are the planned targets and investments? 

MA: Yes, MTC plans to continue with the fibre installations around the country where we left off, in 2022 MTC increased its fibre reach in the Windhoek and Coastal towns; this year we will continue with further deployments in other towns was indicative of Pioneerspark, Olympia, Kleine Kuppe and Dorado Park with more than 25km live fiber in the ground. Langstrand at the coast MTC is the first fibre provider, the uptake is exceeding all expectations, and 2023 we are looking ahead to continue with Windhoek and coastal fiber in the ground, watch this space. 

TB: Finally, Namibia has witnessed some major economic development with the advent of green hydrogen and the discovery of oil. What role can the company play in the realisation of these developments? 

MA: We will continue to play a meaningful contribution to the National Agendas of the country, especially towards the realisation of green hydrogen sources in Namibia, as well as partaking in harnessing Namibia’s resources by providing the necessary communication infrastructure and services to support this agenda. 

MTC will continue to build and maintain the communication networks that are needed to connect the various sites and facilities involved in the production and distribution of green hydrogen and synthetic sources. This can include providing high-speed internet and data services to support remote monitoring and control of equipment, as well as communication between different parts of the supply chain. 

Finally, the MTC can also play a role in supporting the development of the digital infrastructure that is needed for the digitalisation of the industries such as IoT, advanced analytics, and automation. This can include providing cloud-based services, data storage and management, and cybersecurity solutions to help protect against cyber threats.




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