Namibia launches online passport and work visa application system

Namibia has launched an online system for work visa and passport applications.

This development is expected to simplify and streamline the process for individuals seeking these documents.

Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security minister, Albert Kawana has praised the new system, stating that it offers significant advantages over the previous system.

Kawana noted that with the new online passport application system, applicants will no longer have to attach additional documents such as IDs and Birth Certificates, as these will be automatically imported through a system integration.

He added that applicants will also be able to choose their own booking-time-slot for self-representation when collecting biometrics data like fingerprints and facial images.

For work visa applications, Kawana emphasized that the system will allow applicants to complete all relevant forms online and upload all required documents, offering a more efficient and cost-effective process.

"We believe that by introducing these measures, we will reduce wasteful cost to our clients thereby achieving more with less."

He further noted that the Namibian government is committed to expanding its online services beyond work-visa and passport applications.

“The ministry has harnessed its own internal capabilities from its IT Units to realize this vision, as Kawana stated, "With escalating and exorbitant cost of IT-Service providers, we have harnessed and capitalized on our own internal capabilities to deploy online technology."

The introduction of this new online system is expected to significantly improve the efficiency of visa and passport applications in Namibia.

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Last modified on Thursday, 16 March 2023 20:07

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