Multimillion-dollar logistic hub set for Arandis

Bena Capital has launched the Arandis Logistic Hub, a project estimated to cost between N$450 million to N$660 million, aimed at adding value to the logistics sector.

The first phase of the project includes the development of the Arandis B-Two Truck port, which has been completed at a cost of N$23 million.

"There are 24 industrial erven available of which Arandis B-Two Truckport occupies one. Arandis B-Two Truckport was funded by Development Bank of Namibia and Total Energies Namibia. The remainder of the erven will follow the same funding model based on market feasibility and be subject to financial appraisal by interest financiers," said Abed Nakalenga, Bena Capital Managing Director.

"We plan to develop the SME Park as part of the first phase at an estimated cost of N$12 million since its situated right next to the truck port and the two developments highly complement each other.”

The project is divided into two major components, servicing of land, and development of projects on the individual erven based on interest from several stakeholders.

Nakalenga said the project is targeting business and stakeholders in the logistic and transport industry that require logistical infrastructure support.

"This could be additional warehousing units, parking for trucks and goods, cold storage of goods on transit to and from Walvis Bay along the B2. The project also targets youth professionals specialising in the industrial sector (diesel mechanic, tyre repair, mining services providers, and suppliers) for the SME industrial park that aims to maximise the value for the logistic hub by creating an inclusive industrial ecosystem," he said.

The project, according to the developers, aims to maximise the value for the logistic hub by creating an inclusive industrial ecosystem.

The Arandis Logistic Hub is located along the 4.5km road stretch from the turn B2 towards Swakopmund and encompasses a total area of 450,000 sqm approx. 45 hectares. The project is the result of a MoU between Bena Capital and Arandis Town Council, with a focus on developing industrial land into suitable light industrial business ventures.

The project also aims to alleviate the movement of trucks on roads by encouraging an alternative dry dock system that can serve as a secondary logistically processing center. The project is also aimed to increase socio-economic value for the Arandis Town by employment creation and local economic ownership.

Nakalenga emphasized that the Arandis Logistic Hub and Arandis B-Two Truckport are significant additions to the country's logistic and transport infrastructure, providing much-needed facilities and creating opportunities for economic growth.

"This industrial complex can form the basis of local beneficiation by encouraging mines to source locally relating to mining operational needs (truck repair, mining supplies, diesel mechanics, etc.). Arandis is also situated outside the coastal rust belt and therefore is strategically suited for storage of mechanical goods that are prone to rust due to prolonged storage at the coast due to one or the other administrative reasons," Nakalenga added.

The Arandis B-Two Truckport, which was officially inaugurated on March 10, 2023, is owned by Cedric and Ethel Lucas and is the first catalyst project for the development of industrial land around the logistic hub.


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Last modified on Thursday, 30 March 2023 18:19

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