Namibia welcomes first digital nomads

May 09, 2023 2439

Namibia has welcomed its first digital nomads, five months after launching the visa programme, which received over 121 inquiries.

 The country's Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) programme received 20 applications and nine approved visas.

The programme was launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security (MHAISS) and the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) last October, with the aim of enhancing economic activities in the country.

According to NIPDB’s Senior Manager for Marketing, Branding and Communications Catherine Shipushu, the first two digital nomad visa applications were approved on 14 February 2023.

"The DNV aims to attract foreign professionals to live and work in Namibia for up to six months, injecting foreign currency into the economy without competing for local jobs. The NIPDB plans to increase approvals by launching marketing campaigns specifically targeting the digital nomad community and producing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheets," she said.

Shipushu said the launch of the DNV has earned Namibia international praise and created visibility for the nation's natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and hospitality, which can help attract more tourists, investors, and talent.

"Namibia is one of only five African countries that offer a Digital Nomad Visa. The other four countries are Seychelles, Cape Verde, Rwanda and Mauritius. The launch of Namibia's Digital Nomad Visa programme is a bold and strategic move that positions the country as a prime destination for remote workers from around the world. By embracing this global trend and offering a world-class visa programme, Namibia stands to reap substantial economic, social, and cultural benefits."

While speaking about her experience as a digital nomad, Carolyn Boston, blogger at ‘Nomad Girl’ said this about Namibia: “When living in Namibia as a digital nomad, you will be rewarded with breath-taking landscape views, making it an ideal place for nomads who want to work surrounded by nature.”

Meanwhile, five of the applications were rejected and the reasons for rejection include applicants who do not meet the income requirements of US$2,000 per month, and are thus unable to prove that they can effectively sustain themselves while in Namibia.

"Other applications were rejected because they were submitted while the applicants were already in Namibia on a different legal status such as a Tourist Visa, or they arrived in the country before approval of their application."

The NIPDB says this demonstrates Namibia's potential to harness the digital nomad trend and create new opportunities for local businesses in the tourism and information and communication technologies support sectors.

"As an effective marketing tool for Namibia, the DNV programme has also created visibility through digital nomads documenting and sharing their experiences on social media and other mass media platforms, showcasing the nation's natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and hospitality. This increased visibility has the potential to help attract more tourists, investors, and talent, further stimulating the nation's economic growth and development.”




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