NHE’s Okahao housing project almost complete, Tsandi handedover

The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) has revealed that its project to build 70 houses at Okahao is almost complete.

This comes after the enterprise handed over 33 houses valued at N$10 million to their owners in Tsandi.

“Just last year in October we handed over 81 houses in Outapi. Last month, I also learned while I was in Okahao that the 70 houses project in Okahao will soon be completed,” Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni said at the handover ceremony.

The houses were constructed through a public private partnership between the NHE and Tsandi Village Council. 

The NHE aims to construct more than 268 houses countrywide as part of a broader housing project.

“NHE currently has projects in Okahao (70) Outapi (26), Ondangwa (24), Omuthiya (50), Gobabis (65) and in Windhoek we have the Informal Settlement Upgrading Program underway,” Toska Sem, Chairperson of the NHE Board said.

Sem further explained that the projects are not only aimed at providing houses but also employment for the community.

“The execution of housing programmes provides not only the houses but also much needed relief in terms of job opportunities and business development for the residents. I am informed that about 100 local jobs were created as part of this project,” Sem said.

Meanwhile, the chairperson also highlighted some of the challenges faced by the project, stating that the lack of serviced land as well as a lack of strategic partners has an effect on the provision of housing.

“The lack of serviced land (which can at times contribute to high housing prices) when a project is completed. Our people seek affordable shelter from us as custodians of housing. Allow us to come into your town, avail land at a reasonable price and you as local authorities/village councils will reap the benefit of this development through the payment of rates and taxes for generations to come.

“As strategic partners in housing development, we must begin to hold hands to foster government objectives in a holistic manner. Together we can reshape the housing landscape to benefit all inhabitants of Namibia” Sem said.





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Last modified on Thursday, 13 July 2023 17:42

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