LEFA secures Google contract to map Namibia

Local startup LEFA has secured a contract with global tech giant Google to map the country.

The project, spanning 17,000 km, will provide an intimate digital perspective of Namibia's unique landscapes, towns, and cities, which will be featured on Google Street View.

Melkies Ausiku, Founder and General Manager at LEFA Transportation Services, said that the implications of the project for the Namibian economy and tourism sector are significant.

"By making the nation's natural wonders, historic sites, and urban landscapes accessible with the click of a button, potential tourists can be enticed to experience the beauty of Namibia first-hand. But it's not just about the views. As part of the project, Google Maps will undergo a significant update concerning Namibia. Residents and visitors will soon notice improved accuracy with updated street names and newly charted roads," he said.

"This digital representation serves as an innovative marketing tool, opening avenues for businesses to attract a global clientele. Local enterprises, ranging from boutique accommodations and eateries to cultural sites and tour operators, can gain unparalleled exposure."

Ausiku said the company will not be going at it alone and has strategically allied with local partners and stakeholders, pooling expertise, knowledge, and resources.

"This collaborative approach ensures that the digital representation will be both authentic and comprehensive," he said.

"With this partnership, Namibia is not just pinning itself on the digital map but is making a resounding statement. A statement that Namibia is ready for the global digital stage, that its landscapes and cities are ripe for exploration, and that it embraces the future with open arms.”

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic, 360-degree imagery of streets, roads, and locations in various parts of the world.

LEFA is a Namibian ride-hailing startup.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 19 September 2023 14:04

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