Sam Ikela appointed Head SMEs at Nedbank Namibia

June 26, 2023

Sam Ikela has been appointed as the new Head of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at Nedbank Namibia.

With a quarter-century of experience in the financial sector, Ikela has held various roles, including Relationship Manager, Branch Manager, Business Development Manager, and Head of SME Finance and Development.

Until recently, he served as the Country Manager for an international investment firm.

Ikela brings a strong academic background to his new role, holding a Master’s Degree in Philosophy in Development Finance from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, along with other qualifications from reputable institutions.

"I'm thrilled to join the Nedbank team, and I'm keen to collaborate with our SME clients to find solutions that suit their unique needs," he said of his appointment.

With the Namibian Government and the Bank of Namibia offering a N$500 million recovery loan scheme for SMEs, Nedbank is eager to play its part in aiding this crucial sector. Ikela believes this collective effort is crucial for integrating SMEs into the mainstream economy and envisions SMEs as catalysts for economic recovery and potential game-changers in the Namibian economy.

"SMEs aren't just a sector of our economy - they are a vital component of our national livelihood, providing employment for many Namibians and contributing to our GDP," he said.

As Nedbank intensifies its support for SME funding, Ikela encourages SMEs to explore the SME loan scheme through Nedbank. Despite the recent hikes in the repo rate, the scheme provides loans ranging from N$50,000 to N$10 million, offering a crucial lifeline to businesses seeking to cover operational expenses such as salaries, rent, lease agreements, and contracts with suppliers.

"Nedbank's approach to lending is always responsible and prudent, especially in this challenging economic climate. We guide our clients through the application process to help them make sound financial decisions."

"We're here to be the supportive partner SMEs need during these challenging times, and the loan scheme is one avenue we use to facilitate that.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 27 June 2023 17:07

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