FNB's Erwin Tjipuka appointed as new chairperson of BAN

July 03, 2023

FNB Namibia Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Erwin Tjipuka, has been appointed as the new chairperson of the Bankers' Association of Namibia (BAN).

Tjipuka takes over the annual rotational position bestowed on heads of commercial banking institutions in Namibia from Bank Windhoek's Managing Director, Baronice Hans.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Hans highlighted key milestones achieved during her tenure, which centered around customer centricity as the core of every decision made by the association during the 2022/23 period.

"These milestones included the finalization of the BAN strategy, which solidifies the association's vision and mandate in the Namibian economy through advocacy, market conduct, and corporate social responsibility. We have also implemented various regulatory projects aligned with industry requirements. Additionally, we have contributed N$600,000 to the Bank of Namibia for the population census and an additional N$200,000 to NIPBD for crucial legislative interventions in the foreign investment space," she said.

Tjipuka applauded Hans and the Bank Windhoek team for a job well done in ensuring that BAN fulfills its mandate and for establishing a solid foundation on which FNB can continue to build and strengthen BAN despite the challenges.

"Banks serve as the lifeblood of any economy, facilitating economic growth and driving progress. We are the guardians of financial stability and intermediaries of capital allocation. The decisions we make and the actions we take have a profound impact on individuals, businesses, and the entire nation. Therefore, we must remain committed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability," Tjipuka said.

He further emphasized the need to proactively contribute to inclusive growth, empower underserved communities, and support initiatives that promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Bank of Namibia (BON) Deputy Governor Leonie Dunn, in her keynote address, commended Hans for her leadership in ensuring that Namibia's banking industry works with regulators to create a progressive financial system that provides equal opportunities to all Namibians, regardless of gender, based on merit.

She further welcomed the new Chairman, stating that Tjipuka takes over the reins as BAN President in an environment where the banking industry is actively challenged to do more to ensure that the growth of the Namibian economy is positively impacted.

"The prosperity of Namibia and its people is duly ensured, and the changing economic infrastructure is well supported with financial products and services that will assist with national content enhancement. While these are by no means easy tasks on the table, we are assured that your exemplary leadership style is what will bring the banking industry together to navigate this perfect storm," she said.

Meanwhile, BAN CEO Brian Katjaerua launched the Code of Banking Practice, which aims to promote sound banking practices by setting minimum standards for banks when dealing with customers.

The code aims to increase transparency to foster a better understanding of what customers can reasonably expect from the bank's staff, products, and services. It also aims to promote a fair and open relationship between customers and banks, fostering confidence in the banking system.



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