Unveiling the reality of investment returns and risks

September 21, 2023

Recent conversations have highlighted a recurring theme: the expectation of substantial returns from investments that may not align with their inherent risk profiles.

This prevailing sentiment is not uncommon and often stems from a misunderstanding of the diverse investment options available. This article aims to unveil the reality of investment returns and risks.

In an era of rapidly evolving financial landscapes, the pursuit of investment growth has become an intricate endeavour. As stewards of financial education, we believe in shedding light on the fundamental interplay between risk and returns in the world of investments.

Investing is like a carefully orchestrated symphony, where each instrument plays a vital role in creating harmonious melodies. At the heart of this composition lies the concept of risk. Low -risk investment instruments, such as Money Market accounts, prioritise the safety of your initial investment. While these instruments provide stability and predictability, they can still be subjected to certain risks, such as inflation risk or interest rate risk which may affects the returns over time.

In contrast, higher-risk investment instruments contain a spectrum of opportunities that carry the potential for greater returns. Equities, real estate, and other growth-oriented assets offer the prospect of exponential returns, but they come with higher risks stemming from market fluctuations, market volatility and economic conditions among others. It's similar to exploring uncharted territories, where both treasures and challenges await the explorer.

Understanding the symbiotic relationship between risk and returns empowers investors to make informed decisions that are aligned with their investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. A well-diversified portfolio, thoughtfully balanced across various risk profiles, can serve as a resilient fortress against the uncertainties of the market.

 We advocate for financial literacy that transcends mere numbers and charts. It's about fostering a holistic understanding of investment dynamics, acknowledging that each financial decision is a step toward a more secure future. As advocates of this vision, we stand committed to providing the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of investment choices.

In conclusion, the journey of investment is a profound exploration, guided by knowledge and prudence. We invite investors, both novice and seasoned, to engage in a deeper dialogue about the interplay of risk and returns. Through education, thoughtful consideration, and strategic planning, we can collectively pave the way to financial success, turning aspirations into reality. Empower yourself with knowledge. Embrace diversity within your portfolio. Elevate your financial journey. This is the essence of responsible and informed investing.

* Rex Mutelo is Head of Business Development at Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIGNAM), Old Mutual Namibia








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