The private sector credit extension experienced a slowdown to 1.5% in May this year compared to 2.6% in April, amid tight financial conditions and successive repo rate hikes, latest data shows.

The City of Windhoek approved a total of 164 building plans in May, indicating a significant increase of 25.2% compared to the previous month, according to a recent report by IJG Securities. 

SMEs play an important role in the country’s economic stability and should receive more support to enable them to keep contributing to job creation in the country, especially given the current high unemployment numbers among the Namibian youth.

Every month, starting June, The Brief  will be surveying in-store prices of the same basket of goods across major wholesalers in Namibia, namely; Metro, Windhoek Cash ‘n Carry and Wecke and Voigts.

In its pursuit of providing consumers with valuable insights into the price of a basket of 20 staple products, The Brief launched a survey on the cheapest supermarket in May 2023, by conducting monthly price comparisons of a standardised grocery basket across major retailers.

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