FNB invests N$3m in entrepreneurship programme

October 26, 2023

FNB Namibia has invested N$3.03 million in the Harambean entrepreneurship programme, which aims to promote innovation, mentorship and help build a competitive Namibia, particularly for MSMEs in the country.

Speaking at the launch on Thursday, FNB Namibia's Commercial Banking Executive Officer, Sepo Haihambo, said this contribution will transform Namibia’s entrepreneurial landscape. It will also boost the Harambeans Entrepreneurial Alliance, whose members have already raised over N$40 billion (US$2 billion) in investments globally.

Haihambo said the bank is committed to fostering economic growth, job creation and the development of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem within Namibia.

"FNB sees this programme as a powerful initiative that can bring transformative change to our country's entrepreneurial landscape," Haihambo said.

She emphasised the importance of nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship among the youth, adding that investing in their entrepreneurial capabilities is an investment in the nation's prosperity.

Haihambo underlined the crucial role of the youth in the nation's future and how the Harambeans Namibia Programme will equip them with the tools, resources and mentorship needed to turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

"We are contributing to the overall economic growth of our nation by fostering the entrepreneurial spirit," she said.

The programme FNB Namibia endorsed is designed to bridge the gap between formal education and practical experience, providing aspiring entrepreneurs hands-on experience and real-world application.

"Through this initiative, they can work alongside experienced mentors, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs who can guide them on their journey. The goal is to accelerate their learning curve and equip them with the necessary skills," she added.

The programme also encourages collaboration and networking among entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and experiences. It aims to create an environment for knowledge sharing, idea exchange and meaningful partnerships.

Furthermore, the program emphasises the importance of social impact and sustainable business practices, encouraging participants to address pressing social and environmental issues relevant to their business operations.

"This approach not only attracts much-needed capital to the country but also opens doors to global markets and opportunities," she said.

Haihambo urged all stakeholders, including the government, private sector and civil society, to support and expand the Harambeans Namibia Programme.




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Last modified on Thursday, 26 October 2023 18:42

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