Choppies is Windhoek’s Cheapest Supermarket for October

October 27, 2023

Of Windhoek's eight popular grocery supermarkets, Choppies offers the cheapest basket of standardised groceries.

This is according to our monthly grocery basket comparison conducted every month since May 2023. The survey aims to provide consumers with valuable insights into the price of a basket of 20 standardised grocery products across eight supermarkets.

Our grocery basket comprises: 

Loaf of bread

 2-litre Nola Sunflower Oil

 5kg Top Score maize meal

 2.5kg Marathon sugar (white sugar) 

 1.5kg Real Good Chicken

 1kg Beef stew

 2kg Mamas rice

 3kg Pasta Polana Macaroni

1-litre Nammilk full cream milk

9 Twinsaver toilet paper (350 sheets)

700ml Wellington tomato sauce

1kg Sunlight Washing powder

 750ml Sunlight dishwashing liquid

500g Rama Butter

18 Waldschmidt eggs (medium)

150g Protex bar soap

100ml Colgate toothpaste

1kg Onions

 kg Potatoes

1kg Tomatoes

Throughout the five-month survey, Choppies consistently provided the most budget-friendly shopping basket, for an average cost of N$928.99. Notably, in October, Choppies maintained its position as the most cost-effective supermarket, with a shopping basket priced at N$ 900.80, showing a slight month-on-month increase of 0.73%.

Conversely, OK Foods consistently featured a pricier shopping basket, averaging N$1,089.20. However, there was a significant decrease in the cost of their basket between August and September 2023 (1.23% decrease), and another notable drop between September and October 2023 (4.12% decrease). The reduction in October's basket cost was primarily due to price reductions in items such as cooking oil (N$ 92.99 to N$ 86.99), macaroni pasta (Polana) (dropped from N$107.99 to N$99.99), and toilet paper (N$96.99 to N$86.99).

Checkers, Shoprite, Food Lover’s Market, Woermannbrock and Spar all showed price decreases. The biggest drop of 10.06% was recorded at Checkers, while Spar recorded a 3.28% drop, Food Lover’s Market (1.23%), Shoprite (1.22%) and Woermannbrock (0.57%). Meanwhile, Pick ‘n Pay showed an increase of 0.85% month on month.

Note: We do not take specials or loyalty card discounts into consideration. When we find certain goods on special, for example, “Get N$10.00 off when buying 18 (medium) eggs and pay N$55.00”, we will log the price as N$65.00 to exclude the special.

 August 2023 alternatives

 Food Lover’s Market - 2kg Nice Rice, 1.5 kg chicken (an average was calculated because they do not stock 1.5kg of chicken), 9’s toilet paper (Baby soft)

 Spar - 2L Cooking oil (Spar brand), 2kg rice (Nice Rice), 2kg (Marathon Sugar),

 Choppies - 2kg rice (Nice Rice), Excella Cooking Oil

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