Namibia launches first national barcode system

 The Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade has officially launched the country’s first national barcode system, 631 GS1 Namibia.

Namibia can now administer, facilitate and allocate barcodes to locally produced goods and services. Previously, the country’s products had to obtain barcodes from South Africa and other jurisdictions since independence. 

Industrialisation and Trade Deputy Minister Verna Sinimbo during the launch of 631 GS1 Namibia said this marks the launch of the national barcode system, this development goes beyond being a mere technical modification as it symbolises Namibia's determination to leave its mark on the global stage. 

"For many years, Namibia has been utilising the South African barcode, a period that deprived Namibia of its own unique identity, during this time, Namibian-originated products were often misidentified as South African in the international market. This launch, however, reflects a significant change, one that has been long-awaited - an identifier that is distinctly Namibian and truly reflects the nation's individuality," Sinimbo said. 

Consequently, she said the prefix not only represents economic resilience and growth but also acknowledges the accomplishments of every Namibian entrepreneur, manufacturer, and innovator who has dared to dream and take the nation forward on the world stage.

"With the launch of the 631 prefix, we now have a signature that is uniquely ours, a beacon that shines brightly for our goods and services in the international marketplace," Sinimbo said.

However, she prided that the significance of the 631 GS1 prefix reaches even deeper as it serves as a symbol of the strength of the Namibian people coming together, transcending tribal, regional, and background differences.

"With every product that carries the 631 prefix, we are not just selling a commodity; we are sharing a piece of Namibia with the world. Each item becomes an ambassador, telling a story of the land, culture, people, and spirit of Namibia, resonating with love, pride, and a deep sense of belonging," Sinimbo added.

This historic launch represents not only an advancement in Namibia's trade capabilities but also a significant step forward in the collective journey of the Namibian trade.

Overall, the adoption of barcodes ensures smoother and more efficient business operations, enhances supply chain visibility, and supports global trade, making it a vital tool for businesses and countries alike.

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Last modified on Thursday, 20 July 2023 21:55

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