NSX top and worst performers in 2022

In 2022, the Namibian Stock Exchange's Local board saw a total of N$609.6 million traded.

This was the fifth highest amount traded since 2012, according to Cirrus Securities, and marked an average year of trading for the exchange.

Most traded

The most traded stock in 2022 was Namibia Breweries Ltd, with N$261.8 million in value traded, an increase from the N$92.7 million traded in 2021.

FirstRand Namibia Ltd was the second most traded stock, with N$148.9 million traded in 2022, an increase from the N$123 million traded in 2021.

The third most traded stock was Capricorn Group Ltd, with N$94.4 million traded in 2022.

NSX 2022 top performers

The top performing local share on the Namibian Stock Exchange in 2022 according to Cirrus Securities data was Letshego Holdings Namibia Ltd, which saw a 53.1% increase from the previous year, when it had traded lower by 26.3%.

Oryx Properties Ltd was the second-best performer, with a 14.6% increase in 2022, following the worst performance on the local exchange in 2021, when it was down 35.8%.

FirstRand Namibia Ltd was the third best performer, with a 10.2% increase in 2022. In 2021, FirstRand Namibia Ltd had been rated the second-best performer, with a 28.0% increase. 

NSX 2022 worst performers

The worst performers on the Namibian Stock Exchange in 2022 according to Cirrus Securities data were Standard Bank Namibia Holdings, which was down 28.2%, Mobile Telecommunication Ltd, which traded 20.9% lower, and Namibia Breweries Ltd, which was down 7.1% from being the top performer in 2021, when it had seen a 48.8% increase following merger news with Heineken and Distell.

NSX Overall

Overall, N$13.4 billion was traded on the Namibian Stock Exchange, with the value increasing significantly in December 2022, ending just below the overall value traded in 2017, according to Cirrus Securities. This made it the fourth highest value traded since 2012. The most active dual listed share on the exchange in 2022 was Anglo American, with N$1.8 billion traded, followed by Nedbank Group Ltd at N$1.4 billion, and FirstRand Ltd at N$1.3 billion.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 10 January 2023 17:21

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