Zimbabwe in record wheat harvest

January 09, 2023

Zimbabwe has registered its largest wheat harvest in 2022, 375,000 tons, making the austral African country a self-sufficient agricultural powerhouse.

With 375 thousand tons of wheat harvest registered for 2022, Zimbabwe is set to become a self-sufficient agricultural powerhouse. A unique performance in Africa.

The harvest in 2022 was 13% higher than the previous year, breaking a half-century old record.

The area sown to wheat has increased by 10% and, above all, the state has set up a policy of distributing fertilizer and buying crops via a public body, the Grain Marketing Board, which has won over farmers

The country no longer needs to import wheat to meet its needs, saving up US$300 million in import costs.

In the current context where African countries are suffering from the absence or high cost of Russian and Ukrainian wheat, Zimbabwe stands out for its proactive policy.

However, although the country can pride itself on being a unique example in Africa for wheat, not everything is rosy. The Grain Marketing Board is having the worst difficulties paying farmers. Less than a quarter of the crop has been purchased, despite government assurances and the release of emergency funds.

The maize sector, the main cereal consumed in the country, is also progressing, but remains insufficient to meet national needs.

In general, Zimbabwe's agricultural yields remain below the African average, according to some experts.-africanews

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Last modified on Monday, 09 January 2023 15:41

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