Communication trends for 2023: Part 2

I agree with the CEO of MHC Gina Armada who says: “Automation, in its many forms, is undeniably the foundation to enable successful communication in 2022 and beyond. At MHC, we believe the organizations that leverage flexible, scalable and reliable automation functionality to engage in tailored, one-to-one customer communications will quickly leapfrog their competition.” 

Because when organisations leverage on technological developments, they will improve their customer experience, increase profits and efficiency. In this article, I will share other two trends that will enhance your communication efforts in 2023.

1.Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence was perceived to be a threat to job security, especially for blue collar workers. However, this technology is becoming popular, as organisations found it to improve efficiencies in organisations.

Jobs that were deemed repetitive, dangerous, and mundane, can now be done by robots, freeing up time for humans to innovate and solve problems.

A classic example of AI in action, is the robot at Lady Pohamba’s pharmacy in Windhoek. That robot saves the staff time in dispensing medication. It further frees up time for pharmacist to effectively engage patients and ensure that they receive the right medication.

Gina says by 2024 automated chatbots (you regularly find them on many websites now) are expected to facilitate $142 billion in consumer retail spend, compared to $2.8 billion in 2019. Chatbots, particularly in customer care centres, will empower and assist agents to be more effective at work. 64% of customer care agents with AI tools, can spend most of their time solving complex problems for customers and creating personalised customer experiences. 

Can you identify an area in your work where AI can assist?


Pre-Covid-19, live-streaming was popular on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It was commonly used by individuals for social events. However, corporates did not fully embrace this technology. Post Covid-19, corporates are now finding value in streaming events, as people move towards hybrid workplaces. 

With live-streaming, stakeholders can get to witness and experience the same event as those who attended in person. During Covid-19 when gatherings were limited, this medium allowed people to simultaneously attend an event in the comfort of their homes, irrespective of geographically locations. Companies also saved on training and travelling budgets.

It is important to note that companies that want to effectively use this technology, should invest in appropriate equipment. Gone are the days, when companies ask their communication teams to run around with phones live-streaming an event. 

Next week I will continue with part 3 of this trilogy. 

*Morna Ikosa is a Senior Corporate Communications and Brand Reputation Strategist, CPRP, MA, AKA Fixer. To connect, send her a shout-out at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or find her on LinkedIn.



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