What to include in a lease agreement

By Justina Hamupembe February 03, 2023 0

Tenants should ensure that they read and understand the lease agreement before signing because it is a legally binding document.

It’s therefore important to ensure that the tenants understand every part of the agreement to avoid bridging it and getting in trouble. The following elements should be contained in a lease agreement:

  1. Basic details about the property

-       The address of the property

-       The name and contact details of the landlord or managing agent

-       The date on which the lease was signed

-       How long the lease will run, and mention annual increases in rental amount and by what percentage.

-       Other aspects, such as how much rent is payable, when it's payable, and penalties for late payment,  the amount of the deposit and the cost of drawing up the lease.

  1. Who pays the utilities?

You need to confirm if the rent is exclusive of utility costs and if there is any requirements for deposit for water and electricity accounts.

  1. Who is responsible for maintenance?

The lease will also set out who is responsible for what as far as maintenance goes. It’s essential to check the provisions of each separate lease agreement in this regard. Remember that just because something falls under the landlord’s responsibility clause doesn't mean the tenant is entitled to abuse that item.

  1. The number of tenants and overnight visitors

Another aspect that is often overlooked by tenants is the number of people who may live on the property permanently. Please let me know what the contract says about the matter.

  1. Rules regarding pets

Pets are often a thorny issue, and the tenant needs to ascertain precisely what type of pet would be acceptable on the premises. In other words, if the lease agreement stipulates that no pets are allowed, it must be established if this extends to animals such as birds, rodents and fish. Please ask the landlord before signing the lease if you have any doubts.

Take the time to read over every clause carefully and ask the landlord or managing agent to clarify items you need help understanding. Make sure you understand your own and the landlord's responsibilities before signing the agreement. Remember, some aspects of a lease agreement can be negotiated, but these need to be outlined in the agreement. 

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