Informal settlement housing project delivers over 500 houses in 2 years

City of Windhoek and the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development have delivered 570 houses to middle-income earners through the Informal Settlement Upgrading programme.

The houses were constructed under the National Housing Enterprise (NHE).

On Monday, 60 additional houses constructed under a pilot project and smart partnership between the Ministry, Khomas Regional Council, NHE and the City of Windhoek were officially handed over to residents.

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development Erastus Uutoni said the Informal Settlement Upgrading programme was launched around August 2020, in the heat of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“These results showcase that the government has taken a real direct approach to bettering the living conditions of those living in informal settlements. So far, the informal settlement upgrading programme has delivered over 570 houses constructed by both the NHE and City of Windhoek in various informal settlements of Windhoek. This is a custom made and deliberate approach to affordable, decent houses for those with very minimal incomes. Therefore, it makes us proud when we witness the transition of our people from corrugated iron shacks into a proper house,” he said.

Uutoni added that the government, through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, is doing its utmost best to provide decent and improved living standards for its citizens.

“However government alone cannot do so and needs all our collective effort and support from all stakeholders and development partners to make a lasting impact in the delivery of housing for the people. I am aware of the situations that our people are facing since 2020 but what gives me pleasure is the fact that to the beneficiaries, the satisfaction is immeasurable because the houses we constructed so far suit both their needs and their pockets. Thus, providing big and costly houses to an income group that can barely make enough will only be a punishment and financial burden to our people,” he said

The Minister also revealed that the City of Windhoek and NHE have identified a fully serviced area at Goreagab dam location to build houses under N$350,000 to the middle-income group.

“We are switching ideas to also look at some professionals such as teachers, nurses and men and women in uniform living in the informal settlements to be able to utilise their subsidies to acquire houses. Other residents in the informal settlements are encouraged to approach both the NHE and City of Windhoek to see how they too can benefit from this project,” he said.

Uutoni said the country’s housing policy was also in its final stage with a few more consultations.

“I therefore urge the recipients to take good care of their houses, so that their children and grandchildren will have a place to call home even in the years to come. I am also urging you all, to ensure that you honour your monthly payments for your houses, so that the same repayments can be used to build more houses for your fellow residents,” he said.

Uutoni also highlighted low-income earners can join the Shack Dwellers’ Federation which has over the years been able to provide affordable housing at the low cost of under N$100,000.

“This is possible due to the personal involvement of residents in the constructions of their homes compared to services that the City and NHE has to acquire,” the Minister said.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 07 February 2023 17:59

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