Geingob calls on Parliament to act on cessation of properties

President Hage Geingob has implored parliamentarian to speed up the process of enactment of the High Court and Magistrate Bills, which will give the judiciary power to adjudicate on issues related to properties.

Geingob is of the view that current laws do not protect debtors who end up losing properties in events that they're unable to honour their debt repayments.

The President has therefore implored members of parliament to work swiftly and ensure that there is a regular quorum so that crucial decisions can be made.

"The High Court amendment bill and the Magistrate Bill, is intended to impose judicial oversight on the sale in execution of immovable property of debtors by creditors to ensure that the rights of both parties are adequately protected throughout the process," said Geingob.  

Adding that "the objective is to protect the rights of debtors in the sale of primary homes in execution by judgment creditors, thereby enhancing the protection of the right to human dignity and the right to housing."

Geingob said this with reference, stating that: "The two bills I have just highlighted speak to a troubling situation we have been witnessing in the country regarding the repossession of houses. The process of home foreclosures can be a humiliating and traumatic experience, especially for the most vulnerable members of society."  

Other bills lined up include, Divorce Bill, Child Justice Bill, Ombudsman Bill, Marriage Bill, Uniform Matrimonial Property Regime Bill, Civil Registration and Identification Bill as well as Roads Bill.

Vehicle Mass Bill, Land Bill; Research, Science, Technology and Innovation Bill, are also set in motion.

Geingob was however irked to note that some of the bills have been carried over from previous years without progression.

"I take note that some of the bills listed for tabling during this year such as the High Court Amendment Bill, Magistrates Court Amendment Bill, Divorce Bill, Child Justice Bill, Ombudsman Bill and Marriage Bill are carried over from the previous session of parliament. I wish to encourage you to redouble your efforts to ensure that there is a regular quorum in parliament so that you are able to speed up the legislative process," advised Geingob.

"As Members of Parliament, you are elected by the people, and as such play an integral role in ensuring that the needs and wishes of the people of Namibia are catered for. Therefore, the legislative mandate of Parliament must be fulfilled to its fullest degree if we are to become a prosperous nation," said Geingob.

In the same vein, he implored MPs that it is pertinent for them to enact laws that are effective at buttressing the safety and security of citizens.


At the same time protecting the most vulnerable members of our society, enabling the growth of industry, as well as promoting investment and economic trade.

Furthermore, Geingob urges that, laws should instill the confidence in people, investors and visitors; that Namibia is a country where the rights and human dignity of all is respected and protected.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 15 February 2023 19:45

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