Hartlief secures Norway lamb export deal

March 20, 2023

Hartlief Group has secured a deal to export 400 tonnes of deboned lamb to Norway, with the first two containers already exported.

The contract—which is valid from 1 January to 31 December 2023—is being sourced from the Mariental Abattoir (formerly known as Farmers Meat Market) which had shut down operations in August 2020 due to the low availability of sheep. 

“We have secured a 400-ton quota of deboned lamb to Norway for the 01 January 2023 to 31 December 2023 calendar year and the first two containers have already been sent. The quality of our lamb places our product at a high demand. However, various factors need to be streamlined for us to successfully export and supply to the world’s demand,” Hartlief Group Managing Director Gunther Ling told The Brief

This comes after the abattoir’s accreditation and export status with the European Union and European Free Trade Association had been reinstated following its acquisition by the Ohlthaver and List Group.

He said the meat processor was also targeting other export markets in Africa and China.

“Regions that are currently on our radar are those of Norway, but also greater Europe, Africa, Middle East, and China. There is opportunity and potential for growth in all the markets we have identified in the supply and demand for lamb and protein products from Namibia,” Ling said.

He said local supplies from the Mariental abattoir have already started.

“Yes, local supplies from the Mariental abattoir have started domestically and we are selling to the local market through the Hartlief company.  This includes the Norway by-products such as shanks and necks,” the Hartlief Group Managing Director said.

Hartlief is on the hunt for new market opportunities after it started exports to Botswana, with Angola exports at an advanced stage. 

Hartlief, which is 60%-owned by Ohlthaver and List Group, has operations in South Africa through the distribution and wholesaling of its products. The company also branched out to offer a deli experience in Cape Town.

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