Monte Christo road gets N$381m dual carriage upgrade

The Peter Nanyemba road, previously known as the Monte Christo road is currently being upgraded into a dual carriageway to the tune of around N$381 million.

The upgrade is being done under the Ongos Valley Development.

“This upgrade will not only provide better access to Ongos Valley and avoid congestion on the road but more importantly, promote socio-economic development for its community members,” Ongos Valley Chairperson, Reagon Graig said at the road ground breaking ceremony on Friday.

“We are infrastructure experts and we provide solutions, we don't just build infrastructure; we look at financial solutions until we believe in total, and this is just one part of that. Ongos Valley is proud of this achievement and looks forward to the future success that this development will bring."

The Ongos Valley N$4 billion development is said to be a 28,000-person mixed-use village with more than 20 schools, numerous malls and service stations, as well as institutions and businesses.

Ali Ipinge, Road Fund Administration (RFA) Chief Executive Officer, said the N$381 million (excluding cost of capital) bill will include traffic lights, street lights, pavements, future bus lane, residents relocation and a new market.

“RFA is happy to see the initial funding of this project being taken up by the Development Bank of Namibia and Namibia Infrastructure Fund, which will then be settled by RFA at the end of construction period," he said.

Ipinge added that the total length of the project is 6.1 km, with provision for future rapid bus transit lanes.

"The upgrade of the road will be from B1 interchange to Matshitshi Street Intersection in Havana, transverses past Lafrenz Industrial area, Okuryavanga and Hakahana in the North; Nubuamis, Soweto, Wanaheda, and Goreangab townships in the South," he said.

Ipinge further reiterated that the road project alleviates congestion and traffic capacity problems, especially during peak hours and facilitates traffic from and to the Ongos Valley Development.

The construction of the road is expected to take 20 months.

The Principal Officer and CEO of  the Government Institutions Pensions Fund (GIPF) David Nujoma said that as part of the fund’s N$8 billion infrastructure development scheme, the pension fund has allocated N$101m to the project through the Namibia Infrastructure Fund.

"The Peter Nanyemba Road upgrade as well as the Ongos Valley Development presents a perfect example of stakeholder collaborations from Public Private Partnerships and Government entities," he said.

Meanwhile, Erastus Uutoni, Minister of Urban and Rural Development at the occasion said that road upgrade will not only enhance connectivity within the region but will also provide an economic boost to the community by facilitating the movement of goods and services.

"This particular road is a municipal road and the Windhoek Municipal Council acknowledges the already existing traffic congestion along the road and the need for its decongestion and upgrading. The birth of Ongos Valley Development and its intended objectives to build 28,000 housing units is a demonstration of 'what you can do for your country. This project is significant and impactful to the housing solution the country needs today," he said.

“the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development is delighted to form part of this wonderful initiative that will help address some challenges faced by communities especially those living in informal areas of society.”

This comes as the City of Windhoek’s population is estimated north of 400,000 with over 60% of the people living in the informal settlements, characterised by inadequate and poor service delivery such as sanitation, water supply, electricity and connectivity.

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Last modified on Monday, 24 April 2023 18:49

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