Namdeb pioneers sustainable transport with Namibia's first battery-electric bus

October 16, 2023

Namdeb has taken delivery of Namibia’s first ever battery-electric bus (e-bus), with the company exploring the possibility of procuring six more over the next two years.

Namdeb CEO Riaan Burger emphasised the company's commitment to a sustainable future, stating that no business can claim to be geared for the future and contributing to the world in a positive way unless it becomes carbon neutral.

He said the e-bus is one such opportunity that contributes to creating a carbon-neutral future for Namdeb.

"The introduction of new technology requires new skill sets, as well as an opportunity to build capacity and reskill drivers and mechanics to enable them to operate and maintain the e-bus. This further demonstrates the commitment to developing and empowering employees," Burger said.

The e-bus' arrival marks the beginning of a pilot testing programme designed to reduce diesel usage.

Namdeb notes that roughly 30 drivers and 15 mechanics are set to undergo driving and maintenance training, with 50% of the training already completed since the e-bus' arrival.

Currently, the trial testing of the bus is underway in Oranjemund, where it is undergoing preparations for safety and operational readiness.

It is expected to become fully operational after successfully completing the trial period, with plans to transfer it for use in Namdeb's Southern Coastal Mines in January 2024.

"Namdeb's commitment to sustainability is not limited to a single e-bus. The company is actively exploring the possibility of procuring an additional six similar buses over the next two years," added the CEO.

He said the commitment aligns with Namdeb's strategic principles for achieving carbon neutrality, which include reducing fuel and electricity consumption, electrifying current fuel-powered equipment, replacing fossil-fuelled equipment with green fuels, and sourcing electricity from renewable energy.

The e-bus, a right-hand drive vehicle designed for operation on gravel and tarred roads with a maximum gradient of 10%, boasts a battery capable of covering at least 250 km on a single charge, even with air conditioning in use.

Manufactured by King Long, this 65-seater bus represents a significant step in Namdeb's mission to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve long-term sustainability goals.

In addition to the introduction of the e-bus, "Namdeb is exploring advanced solutions to support its carbon-neutral goals, including the installation of a 250kw rooftop solar facility on the company's office and workshop roofs, the development of a larger solar facility to supplement the wind farm and reduce fossil electricity consumption." 

Namdeb is further evaluating options to electrify current diesel-consuming operations while exploring alternative green fuels and nature-based carbon capture solutions in its mining areas. 

"These initiatives not only contribute to achieving a carbon-neutral state but also bring secondary benefits such as community development, job creation, and improved biodiversity," said Burger.

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