B2Gold Namibia allocates N$20m towards CSR initiatives

October 19, 2023

B2Gold Namibia is committed to investing about N$20 million in corporate social responsibility initiatives within Namibia for 2023.

Country Manager John Ross said this year alone, B2Gold Namibia's contribution to the health sector amounted to N$2.5 million.

"This commitment extends far beyond the local scale, with the company having invested over N$10 million in health initiatives since 2015," he said at the company's health CSI handover on Thursday.

He said during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, B2Gold made a substantial one-time donation of N$34 million to the Office of the Prime Minister to combat the virus's impact in Namibia. 

"Notably, the internal rate of return (IRR) of our social business initiatives is making a difference not only in their operational regions but also nationally," he said.

Ross further noted that for the current year, donations to education have exceeded N$7 million.

Meanwhile, this fiscal year, three health projects have been identified, with Side by Side Early Intervention Centre receiving N$900,000, Omnicare Trust N$700,000 and Fatherhood Foundation receiving N$843,000.

The Side By Side Early Intervention Centre Managing Director, Huipie van Wyk, said their work is dedicated to children with disabilities, extending their efforts into the community by educating parents, the community, and society at large about disability, inclusion in education, quality healthcare and social integration.

"When I took the leadership role at Side by Side in 2017, we were assisting 24 children in five different programmes. Currently, we support 120 children per week in Katutura and train more than 2,000 people with disabilities throughout Namibia. This vision would remain unattainable without the support of B2Gold," she added.

Omnicare Trust Programme Coordinator Sabine Rothauge highlighted how their funding will help in the delivery of healthcare services directly to the people, reducing transportation costs and enabling more healthy pregnant mothers to access regular healthcare.

"This has increased in women using family planning, reducing unwanted pregnancies and infant mortality rates. Additionally, more children and infants now receive immunisation following World Health Organization guidelines, thereby decreasing infant and childhood mortality rates. Moreover, more community members can access healthcare, leading to improved well-being within the community," she said.

Fatherhood Foundation Chairperson and founder Carven Izaks noted that with the help of volunteers and partners like B2Gold, they aim to reach 50,000 children, instilling important life principles and bringing hope to the fatherless.





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