Dundee keen to see Tschudi Mine re-open

October 23, 2023

The reopening of Tschudi Mine will be a boon to the mining industry, Dundee Precious Metals President and CEO David Rae has said. 

Rae made the remarks during a recent consultative meeting with President Hage Geingob at the State House. 

He acknowledged the relationship Dundee had with the now defunct Weatherly PLC-controlled mine, saying it held huge potential as an employment creator. 

“There was a strategic relationship with Tschudi Mine, primarily around the acid. Ten per cent of our acid went to Tschudi Mine. We are anticipating Tschudi’s restart,” Rae said on the sidelines of the meeting with Geingob. 

Tschudi Mine ceased operations in June 2018

According to Rae, Dundee was also keen to play its role in ensuring equitable distribution of assets among all Namibians. 

“We continue to view this as very important from the point of view of us being a part of Namibia,” he said.

He touched on the green hydrogen buzz, saying it held great potential despite it being a relatively unknown field. 

“Looking at green hydrogen, as a smelter, we consume energy. However, at this point, it is early to talk about it but it is a great opportunity for Namibia,” he said.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 13:59

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