NWR gets 100 German apprentices for maintenance

October 24, 2023 1561

The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) will receive a group of 100 apprentices from Germany through the Inter-Cultural Relations Foundation, who will be joining the maintenance team, a collaboration, which will enhance the skills transfer efforts of the hospitality entity.

The apprentices, equipped with vocational and technical expertise, are scheduled to arrive in Namibia in three groups. The first group will arrive this week, followed by the second cohort next month, while the final group is expected in February 2024.

"These apprentices will be distributed across multiple NWR resorts throughout Namibia, where they will contribute their expertise to maintenance operations, while also benefiting from the experiences and insights of our highly skilled local staff. The collaboration strengthens diplomatic relations, highlighting the strength of cooperation and shared knowledge," said NWR spokesperson Nelson Ashipala.

He said the partnership embodies the close ties and mutual commitment to fostering cultural exchange and sustainable development.

"Skills transfer is of paramount importance to our industry, and this collaboration offers a unique opportunity for us to learn from our German partners as they, in turn, gain from our distinctive experiences. With many interns already engaged across our camps, this is an opportune moment for them to benefit from the rich knowledge shared by this esteemed delegation," he added.

In September, NWR was awarded the Prestigious Institute of Management award for its exceptional commitment to recruiting and nurturing young talent in the hospitality industry and engaging the highest number of students and interns.

NWR manages two hospitality institutes at Gross Barmen and Khorixas.





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