Windhoek grants Ongos Valley take-over certificate

The Windhoek City Council has granted the Ongos Valley Development a take-over certificate, signalling the final stage of the housing project's first phase of development.

According to Ongos Valley spokesperson, Abed Erastus, the take-over certificate is the first in a series of steps to be followed before homeowners can eventually move in.

“A notable aspect of this complexity is our responsibility for designing and constructing our own comprehensive infrastructure systems. This includes the development of a 7.5 megalitre freshwater reservoir and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant,” Erastus said.

Erastus said the timeline for moving in was extended because the reservoir and wastewater treatment plant had to meet the council’s standards.

He said consultations with technical teams from the city council and Ongos Valley development are nearly complete.

The first phase will have a mix of rent-to-own and outright homeowners. However,  the number of rent-to-own and outright buyers could not be established yet, as it depends on the registration process with the Windhoek municipality, Erastus said.

“We still can’t provide a definitive date because there are still a few moving parts that are being managed to get to this date. Four hundred and fifty units have been constructed. However, the move-in process will follow a phased approach, depending on the speed of registrations,” he said.

The Ongos Valley Development has invested N$900 million into the housing project’s first phase of development in Windhoek and was expected to hand over 400 housing units to residents in June.

Ongos Valley is situated on a 1,750-hectare portion of Farm Ongos, 13 kilometres from the Windhoek city centre. It will be a self-contained green village area with schools, hospitals, police stations and a cemetery, among other services.


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Last modified on Sunday, 29 October 2023 18:30

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