Geingob calls on diplomats to boost Namibia's trade and investment

October 30, 2023 1046

President Hage Geingob told Heads of Mission to look for new opportunities to grow trade, attract investment and find markets for Namibian products in their countries of accreditation as they continue to build and sustain Namibia’s relations internationally.

"In this new era of economic dynamism and an ever-changing geo-political landscape, you are required to provide appropriate guidance to the Namibian people. Hence, as our missions abroad, you play an important role in forging bonds, relationships, sustaining and improving them in the years to come, while continuing to seek new opportunities," the President added. 

Geingob pointed out that when the government and its policies are attacked, it is the responsibility of Ambassadors to use all possible avenues of communication to defend it. 

"I hope you will keep this in mind during your conference deliberations. You must leave no stone unturned in search for new ways to grow trade, attract investment to Namibia and find a market for products made locally in Namibia," he urged.

Conversely, President Geingob has called for the enablement of the Pan-African and Settlement System for payment transactions across the continent to boost intra-Africa trade.

The President said it is time for African countries to start trading among themselves.

"We have set ourselves an African agenda 2063 which has several flagship programmes and projects, such as the African Continental Free-Trade Area (AfCFTA), which is a vehicle aimed at accelerating intra-African trade and boosting Africa’s trading position in the global market by strengthening Africa’s common voice and policy space in global trade negotiations," said Geingob.

"Africa remains a centrepiece of our international relations policy because, above all, we are Africans and will always be Africans. Therefore, our action, both at the operational level and in strategic thinking, must be shaped by the African philosophical perspective." 

In addition, Geingob said Namibia remains committed to the integration process in the SADC region to unlock the full potential of the people and create a market anchored in a solid foundation of peace, stability and development.

"Therefore, as a region, we must strive for industrial development and market integration; infrastructure development in support of regional integration and social and human capital development. This is in line with the SADC Vision 2050 for a peaceful, inclusive, competitive, and middle to high-income industrialised region, where all citizens enjoy sustainable economic well-being, justice and freedom," he said.

The President said this to Heads of Mission at the ongoing conference in Windhoek, encouraging them to familiarise themselves with Africa’s long-term agenda, and to know where Namibia is heading.

Geingob then tasked the State Representatives to always inform investors of the potential of the Namibian economy and the resilience of its people.

Also, he said it was their responsibility to negotiate better agreements benefitting Namibia when engaging their host country.

"Some of our talented young people are doing their best to innovate in all sectors, including the creative industry. If they cannot find rewarding markets to reap the fruits of their labour, they will be disappointed,” he said. 

“Through your efforts, you may succeed in promoting and connecting them to overseas markets and harnessing the immense potential of untapped Namibian talent in the arts, music, sports, culture and related social fields, which have tremendous potential to create pathways for self-employment that is sustainable.

In terms of climate change, Geingob said Namibia is contributing its part in having a sustainable environment.

He was however quick to point out that those who have contributed to the climate challenges, must pay heavily for their actions as we work towards rectifying the situation.

"For our part, we have embarked on green economic initiatives, anchored by a billion-dollar green hydrogen concept aimed at meeting Namibia’s growing energy demands, while minimising negative effects on our planet. Namibia is aiming to become a green hydrogen superpower in the coming decade by positioning itself as a leader in the emerging energy markets and an international exporter of green hydrogen," stated Geingob.

Geingob said he is confident that green hydrogen can be a critical enabler of the global transition to sustainable energy and net zero-emission economies.

"Therefore, the objectives of Namibia’s proposed Policy on a Sustainable Blue Economy are to effectively protect, maintain and restore the diversity, productivity, resilience and intrinsic value of Namibia’s marine and aquatic ecosystems. Thus, we in Namibia are doing our part to promote responsible human behaviours and consumption," he reiterated.

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