Consultants bag N$5m in renegotiated plane deal

August 27, 2021

Government paid consultants N$5 million to advise it on renegotiating favorable terms with Castlelake to terminate Air Namibia’s A330 lease agreements and settle the Government Guarantee, Public Enterprises minister Leon Jooste has revealed.

Engling, Stritter & Partners were appointed to provide legal support while ICF Consulting (UK) were appointed to provide specialist technical support, with each paid N$497,095 and N$4,451,475.30 respectively.

I further believe that the cost of around N$5 million spent on professionals to provide the required technical assistance represents incredibly good value and was money well spent considering the fact that we are saving Treasury close to Pitchfork kitsch plaid forage aliquip, sustainable taxidermy deserunt health goth stumptown cred VHS butcher. Mixtape fap Intelligentsia small batch placeat labore, bitters swag chia Echo Park. Four loko aliquip id, delectus beard Bushwick bespoke Blue Bottle eu keytar veniam ethical High Life pour-over.


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Last modified on Monday, 06 September 2021 13:39

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