Telecom Namibia requires N$2.4bn to fund capital projects

Telecom Namibia says it requires N$2.371 billion in funding to sustain its capital projects from 2023 to 2027. 

The announcement was made by Telecom Namibia Board Chairperson, Melkizedek Uupindi on Thursday, who emphasised the importance of securing the necessary capital for the company's proposed projects to replace outdated technologies and infrastructure, improve customer experience, and address customer complaints.

According to Uupindi, the proposed capital projects that require external funding include the Converged Billing System (OSS/BSS), the Common Converged Core for Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC), FTTx Deployment, and Mobile Radio Access Network Deployment.

"Telecom Namibia's network modernisation plan seeks to enhance the coverage, quality, and capacity of both fixed and mobile networks throughout the country. The company aims to align its investment ratio of Cape to turnover with global standards, allocating 27% of its investment into the telecommunications network," he said.

Uupindi highlighted that the projects are essential for providing a modern network, expanding coverage, and meeting the connectivity needs of various applications.

"By embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Sustainable Development (SD), Telecom Namibia aims to reduce ICT access and usage gaps and offer affordable services while complying with regulations," he said.

This comes as on Thursday Telecom Namibia launched its Integrated Strategic Business Plan (ISBP) marking the beginning of the company's digital transformation journey.

The ISBP focuses on stabilising the business, driving business transformation, fostering digitalisation, and achieving digital transformation goals.

Delivering the keynote address at the launch Maureen Hinda-Mbuende, Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Enterprises, emphasised the government's role in shaping the digital transformation ecosystem, both as a policymaker and a strategic investor.

She expressed the government's commitment to infrastructure development, innovation facilitation, and the realisation of national development objectives.

"The Namibian government remains committed to growing and developing infrastructure, facilitating innovation, and creating frameworks to ensure the realisation of the objectives set out in Vision 2030, NDP5, and soon NDP6, and the Harambee Prosperity Plan II, which focuses on key strategies and initiatives to transform our digital economy and increase access to ICT related services to all Namibians," she said.

In line with the ISBP, Telecom Namibia signed a N$327-million contract with Sistemas Avanzados De Technologia S.A (SATEC) for the replacement of Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems.

This project is set to introduce a converged platform for both fixed and mobile services, enabling improved customer service, convenience, and online interactions.

The implementation of the new OSS/BSS systems is the first step in Telecom Namibia's plan to replace outdated technologies and modernise its network.

The company aims to offer a more personalised and reliable service to its customers through various touch points and enhance customer engagement and management.

Telecom Namibia’s CEO Stanley Shanapinda says the OSS/BSS system would enable the automation of services, providing cost-effective high-speed services to customers.

"The partnership between Telecom Namibia and SATEC is expected to accelerate the digital transformation roadmap and optimize operational efficiency and automation capabilities. Both parties are committed to providing enhanced products and services, increasing customer loyalty, and driving sustainable growth," he said.

SATEC President and CEO, Luis Rodriguez-Ovejero said the firm is delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Telecom Namibia in accelerating its digital transformation roadmap and assisting Telecom Namibia in optimising its operations and automation capabilities.

“We value Telecom Namibia’s confidence in our technology and vast experience. SATEC is also fully committed and willing to build a long-term business partnership with Telecom Namibia aimed to provide more value to its customers with enhanced products and services, increasing their loyalty and driving sustainable growth," he stated.



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