The Ministry of Health and Social Services says it has directed N$3.37 billion on capital projects out of a total allocation of N$75.41 billion over the past 11 years.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recommended the Bank of Namibia to implement countercyclical capital requirements as a means to bolster the nation's economic stability.

Namibia recorded a trade deficit of N$3.3 billion during the month of September compared to N$4.9 billion and N$2.6 billion recorded in August 2023 and September 2022, respectively, latest data reveals. 

Some farming areas in Namibia are faced with severe forage scarcity, especially grazing materials due to overgrazing and drought conditions.

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, in collaboration with German partners, has invested N$31 million in an effort to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and bolster community livelihoods in the Kunene Region.

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