Namibian Chamber of Agriculture mooted

September 28, 2021

A new organization which aims to bring together players in the country’s agricultural sector, the Namibian Chamber of Agriculture (NCA) is planned.

According to Christof Brock who has been facilitating the founding process with the support of German development agency, GIZ said, “The aim of the organization is to bring all the stakeholders in the sector together to be able to speak with one voice.”

He said the grouping was being created as part of recommendations from the agriculture conference held last year, with government aware of the developments.

“The sector does not have such a body, which exists in mining and business already and this aims together, producers, suppliers, academia and buyers of farming produce such as your Meatco’s,” Brock said.

“Yes, government is away of the planning formation and the Minister will attend our inaugural meeting scheduled for Friday.”

On the impact of the new organization on already existing farming bodies, he said “the organization is not aimed at taking away the role of existing organizations, but to bring everyone together and have bigger voice.”

On the structure of the organization, Brock said, “this will be a member funded organization, with organization making contributions for its operations.”

The NCA is set to host its inaugural meeting this Friday, where its leadership will be voted in.

“Each member organization will receive one vote and only those that have confirmed their attendance will be allowed to attend,” Brock said.


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