Germany lifts Namibia Covid-19 entry restrictions

The Germany government will preliminarily lift all Covid-19 related restrictions for entry with effect from midnight, Saturday the 11th of June,2022.

This means all Namibian travellers to Germany will no longer require any proof of vaccination, recovery or testing.

“From that date, travel from Namibia to Germany will be permitted for all travel purposes (including tourism and visits). For entry into Germany no proof of vaccination, recovery or testing is required any longer,” the European giant said in a statement.

The relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions by Germany comes as America's Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has classified Namibia as a “high-risk” destination citing rising coronavirus numbers.

As of 8 June, Namibia had recorded 194 additional Covid-19 cases, bringing the number of active cases to 2015.

A total of 410 031 adults had completed their vaccination, translating to 28% of the target population.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 14 June 2022 23:45

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