Nammilk spruces look after production changes

Namibia Dairies, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, has launched a new look for its Nammilk fresh and long-life milk after the company had moved production from South Africa earlier in the year. 

“We are exceedingly proud and excited to share Nammilk’s new look with the country. One of Namibia’s true heritage brands that many, if not most Namibians grew up with,” Namibia Dairies Managing Director Leonie Prinsloo said. 

“From its humble beginnings as the Rietfontein Cooperative Creamery, founded in 1946, Nammilk has continued to evolve, while it consistently stayed close to its essence – pure, healthy goodness. We are reintroducing our Nammilk range with a contemporary look with the focus on its intrinsic pure goodness, nothing added, nothing taken away, and no artificial hormones – something we pride ourselves in as a dairy producer and processor – firmly in place.” 

In June, the company announced that it had relocated the production of some of its milk ranges from neighbouring South Africa, a move which saw the previous brick packaging being phased out while the Prisma packaging was reintroduced. 

The dairy producer said the decision was informed by improved local raw material supplies and the need to maximise the capacity of the local plant. 

Namibia Dairies had outsourced the production of its UHT milk to South Africa in November 2020, citing the reduction in local raw milk supply, a development which compelled the business to fill the shortfall that threatened its sustainability. 

“As a result of the good rains and increased raw milk supply locally, we are excited to bring our hormone-free, high-quality UHT products home again. As a proud O&L subsidiary that has been in existence since 1997, our objective is to ensure that the business can profitably produce, package, and distribute UHT milk to the highest standards and the best quality, with no change in the current cost to the consumer,” Prinsloo then said. 

Namibia Dairies, which is one of Namibia’s biggest dairy producers, said its Nammilk fresh cream range will also feature the new contemporary look.



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Last modified on Thursday, 24 November 2022 17:19

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