Namibian Stellenbosch alumni discusses Namibia's oil and gas sector

To foster insightful discourse and tap into the expertise of its diverse alumni network, the Stellenbosch Business School Alumni Association's Namibian chapter recently hosted a compelling Thought Leadership discussion on the burgeoning oil and gas industry in the country.

The thought-provoking event, held in Windhoek, brought together prominent industry figures, academics, and stakeholders to dissect the opportunities and challenges tied to the country's oil and gas discoveries. 

The Stellenbosch Business School Alumni Association Namibian chapter, a constituent of the 15 global chapters, is committed to nurturing a robust network of business school alumni.

One of their dynamic initiatives, the Thought Leadership discussion, serves as a forum for grappling with region-specific issues that resonate with stakeholders in that area.

Christélle Cronjé, Alumni and Stakeholder Manager said: "we aim to showcase the fusion of academic knowledge and industry experience our alumni possess. This led us to focus on Namibia's oil and gas industry, given its immediate relevance."

The event, which featured an expert panel, proved to be a goldmine of insights for the attendees. Cronjé highlighted that "the perspectives shared from various angles elevated participants' understanding and equipped them to apply newfound knowledge within their respective spheres of influence".

One recurring theme underscored the importance of inclusive growth stemming from oil and gas discoveries. The panel's consensus emphasised that benefits should radiate outward impacting Namibia's core communities.

Notably, the long-term nature of oil and gas developments calls for inclusive plans from the outset to secure broad-based participation.

Looking ahead, the Association has an array of engaging events in the pipeline. Cronjé revealed, saying:  "our alumni chapters curate yearly plans, based on a Connect-Engage-Grow-Strengthen framework, strategically aligned with the Business School's overall Strategy."

Expectations are set for intimate breakfast talks with external partners and another Thought Leadership event, concluding the year's activities.

The year-end event, in particular, will shine a light on the pressing matter of Youth Employment and Development, showcasing the school's commitment to addressing crucial socioeconomic challenges.

The Windhoek event witnessed an astonishing turnout, surpassing expectations with 280 attendees, compared to the anticipated 150, with more than 100 guests joining virtually. This remarkable response demonstrated the public's keen interest in delving into the economic impact of oil and gas discoveries in Namibia.

The event's format encouraged networking and meaningful exchanges among participants, both in physical and virtual attendance, fostering an atmosphere of interaction and curiosity. The event's prolonged duration testified to its captivating nature, with participants remaining engaged well beyond the expected timeframe.

Reflecting on the discourse quality, The Stellenbosch Business School Alumni Association, Namibia chapter Chairperson, Founder, and Managing Consultant of Sympli Business Advisory Mekupi Kambatuku noted that "the expert panelists ensured profound and insightful discussions that aligned seamlessly with the event's objectives."

She added that the attendees expressed happiness with the comprehensive panel presentations. The case studies, including Norway's model of successful governance post-discovery, provided a rich tapestry of examples for attendees to glean from, she expressed.

Kambatuku shared her perspective on how the Stellenbosch Business School could further nurture growth in Namibia's oil and gas sector and beyond.   “As the echoes of the event continue to reverberate, several actionable takeaways have emerged. These include a clarion call for inclusive planning from inception, a focus on youth employment, sustainable practices in resource management, and a robust framework for governance and reporting.”

Cronje noted how Stellenbosch Business School can further contribute to the development and growth of critical sectors in the country.  

"Our accomplished alumni are already pivotal in various sectors, contributing at policy levels and as consultants. This allows us avenues to influence policy, contribute research, and provide consulting and mentorship services," she said. 

As the Namibian business landscape undergoes transformation, the Stellenbosch Business School remains a beacon of knowledge, collaboration, and growth, harnessing the collective strength of its alumni to steer the nation toward prosperity.









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Last modified on Friday, 11 August 2023 16:30

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